In the period after World War 2 and until the increase in foreign travel in the 1980s the lake was a popular destination for both Clevedon residents and visitors, bringing in crowds of 400 plus in the hot summer of 1976.

From 1957, during school holidays, Rita Gregory helped her mother, Joyce, run the lake. They worked there for almost 30 years, during which time Rita became one of the most accomplished swimmers and divers in Clevedon Swimming Club’s history, winning the Ladies’ Cup in the Long Swim a staggering 19 times, Western Counties Springboard Championship 5 times, representing Somerset in the Inter-County Diving Championships for 11 consecutive years : too many achievements to list here. Her career is well-documented in a book by local man Chris Stone ‘Clevedon’s Sporting Heroes.’ Because the diving stage was not quite the 5 metres high required for championships, Rita practised diving from a board held down on the top of the railing by strong members of the club.


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