Welcome to our Education Page

An essential part of the Marine Lake project is exploring the opportunities the project present with regards education. Traditionally the lake has been the site for  geography field trips and water sports. While this will of course continue, and hopefully increase, we also want to develop other features such as a Coastal School facility, and to provide schools and others in the education sector with resources they can use in house.

Our first steps towards this is the publication of a series of key Stage 2 Education Packs, developed by retired Education Professionals John and Pauline Ryan, on behalf of MARLENS.

All materials are linked to the National Curriculum, and include teachers notes. While they focus on our Lake, Clevedon and the Severn Estuary they are designed to be relevant to schools anywhere in the country. Each pack can be used complete, or in stand alone sections. All sections contain information and activities.

Please use this resource; you can download a sample from the links below… To get the full works contact Marlens via: info@marlens.org.uk