At last, on 30 March 1929, the opening of both the lake and recreation grounds on Salt House Fields was performed by the Lord Mayor of Bristol, Councillor W H Eyles.

During its first year of operation various letters were received, some causing amusement. One was from a lady who complained at the indecency of the bathing costumes worn by young women with men looking on. Another asked for more and better towels to be hired out as ‘I asked for a towel there yesterday and was supplied with a grubby looking object which could not possibly have been to a laundry for months – if ever! When I suggested to the attendant that I should prefer a clean one, he replied, quite cheerfully, that it was the only one he had, and that any way, it was quite all right, as he had used it himself that morning!

Over the next 15 years the lake was lavishly equipped with an imposing timber clubhouse/changing-room, high diving boards, springboards, a bathing raft, a row of bathing huts and a bandstand. The lake became the magnet on The Bristol Channel for all water-sports, bringing holiday makers from far and wide with donkey rides, boats for hire, the Salthouse miniature railway, crowded promenades and floods of deckchairs. Fred Nutting’s vision was now a reality!

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