In 2014 the Heritage Lottery Fund agreed to fund restoration works at the Marine Lake following the submission of a partnership bid by North Somerset Council, Marlens, Clevedon Town Council and Clevedon Civic Society.


The lake was drained in March 2015 and work began to:


• reinforce the existing sea wall by construction of an 800mm thick concrete backing wall and capping which will raise the level of the wall by 150mm

• complete stone repairs to the seaward face of the wall

• create a new ramp at the West end of the Lake to allow access for all to the lower promenade

• refurbish existing hand railing and installation of new hand railing to the ramped section

• install a children’s water play area

• provide a new surface to the existing lower promenade

• install of a new, larger penstock

• stabilise the existing rock face at the West end of the lake

• repair and improve, by means of a concrete encasement, the model boat pond wall and installation of a new penstock between the model boat pond and the main lake



Alongside the physical improvements at the lake there is an entire Activity Plan dedicated to bringing the Marine Lake back to life through an innovative and inspiring community engagement program.


Once the restoration is completed the lake will once again become a community asset with Marlens at the helm as they take on the responsibility for the day to day running of the lake.

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