In the 1930’s Somerset County Swimming Events were held at the lake, this included spring board and high board diving competitions as well as swimming competitions.

From 1929 to the 1980’s (when Strode swimming pool was opened) Swimming Club galas were held at the Lake. Children were taught how to swim in the Lake and thousands of children learnt to swim during this time. The Lake was roped off into lanes with a Buoy positioned at 50 yards out from the diving boards.

Thursday night was Club Night for training during the Summer months.

Clevedon Urban District Council owned and maintained the lake.  It was very well run and was regularly maintained and cleaned and drained twice a year.  When It was taken over by Woodspring County Council it became unfashionable, unloved, not maintained and was victim to the financial cuts through the recession in the 80’s.

Little happened with the Lake from the 80’s up until the year 2000 when the campaign to repair and restore it began to gain more momentum.  However during this period a great many swimming successes were achieved due to the facility for long distance training available at the Lake.  Many protests was organised by the outdoor swimming members of the Clevedon Swimming Club to protest to the Council that the Lake had fallen into disrepair since it had been run by Woodspring District Council.  A few members of the swimming club were asked to leave various Council meetings during our presentation of petitions and continuous protesting to save the lake.   The swimmers even penned a few folk songs about saving the lake.

Below is a list of major swims achieved by various people that trained in Marine Lake:-

  • solo swim of the English Channel, October 1987 by Steve Price  (15 hours 4 minutes)
  • solo swim of the Bristol Channel, Clevedon to Penarth, September 1992 by Steve Price (8 hours 17 minutes)
  • solo double crossing of the Bristol Channel, Clevedon to Penarth and back, September 1994 by Steve Price (15 hours 43 minutes)
  • solo swim across the Irish Channel, Portpatrick to County Antrim, Steve Price July 2000 (16 hours 56 minutes)
  • solo swim of the Bristol Channel, Penarth to Clevedon, Gary Carpenter,  August 2007 (7 hours 45 minutes)
  • solo swim of the English Channel by Anders Frappell, 1999 (11 hours 30 minutes)

Many successful long distance swims have been achieved by the above people during this period, all thanks to the wonderful facilities of Clevedon Marine Lake.  The annual Clevedon Long Swim which dates back to 1928 has been a stepping stone for long distance swimmers and many people since 1928 have trained in the Marine Lake for the Clevedon Long Swim.  See below list of some of the other major swims achieved by various swimmers:-

Exmouth Fairway Buoy                       5 miles

Torbay                                                 9 miles

Lake Windermere                               11 miles

Loch Lomond                                       23 miles

Bala Lake                                            8 miles

Lough Erne                                          18 miles

+  many Channel relay swims                         Various

The facility we now have is beyond the expectations of the regular swimmers at the Lake and we feel certain that going forward into the future there will be many more long swim successes by new members using the wonderful Lake facility.