About the lake

The lake is approx. 250m long and at its widest approx. 100m wide.

It varies in depth. At the margins it is generally about 1 m deep – hence diving and jumping in are NOT recommended. The deepest areas are along the outer sea wall, where the water is up to 3m deep, and in the area around the blue and white swimmers island.

There is no public access along the outer sea wall.

There is a freshwater shower at the East end of the lake on the upper promenade, on the wall of the community boat store.

There are no toilets or changing facilities at the lake. The closest public toilets are behind the Café/Arcade at the East end of the lake (you need 20p).

Parking for the lake is in the public pay and display car park at Salthouse Fields – postcode BS21 7TY should get you in the vicinity.

There are rare occasions when the lake is hired for exclusive use by an organisation such as when a competition is taking place, but other than this there are no open or shut times.

The lake is big enough to accommodate multi users. We ask that all users consider others and make themselves visible. Swimmers please look at the swimming guide below.

Check out the calendar on our home page to see what is coming up at the lake and who you might be sharing the water with.

All lake users should be aware of the tides. During high spring tides the outer seawall overtops and the water in the lake refreshes. We do not recommend people access the lake or the lower promenades during these times. A tide of about 12.6m at Clevedon will overtop the wall. Tidal predictions can be found here, but please be aware that actual tide heights can be affected by atmospheric conditions on the day too.


Public Access (Individuals)

Individual public access for water sports at the lake is free and generally unrestricted. There are no life guards so each user is responsible for his or her own safety. We welcome swimmers, canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, sailing dinghies and model boats… Full size powered craft are not permitted, and inflatable dinghies are not recommended.

Swimmers might be interested in contacting the Clevedon Lake and Sea Swimmers facebook group before visiting for further information, or to meet with other like-minded individuals.

While access is free for individuals, everyone using the lake is urged to help Marlens to maintain and improve facilities onsite by becoming a member of Marlens, joining the Marlens lottery or making a donation.


Public Access (Groups) and Corporate Access

Marlens offers watersports sessions and training at the lake. If you would like to arrange watersports for an event, group, school or just for fun please contact marlens via info@marlens.org.uk

Group or corporate access is only by prior arrangement with Marlens.


Club memberships are available for clubs and groups who would like to use their lake with their own equipment (see membership pages for more information). Clubs who currently use the lake include:

Clevedon Canoe Club

Clevedon Sailing Club

Clevedon and District Model Boat Club

South Avon Canoe Club

Royal Life Saving Society South West

Taunton School