Welcome to Clevedon Marine Lake - a "community park" which is run and maintained by Marlens, a local charity.
This web site will focus on Marlens (the charity which looks after the lake) and on lake history and heritage.
For information about the lake itself, see our  CML website which covers the lake itself and what's happening. There is also a lakecam showing the lake.

Marlens is run by volunteers and depends on local fund-raising to pay for the lake.  We have installed two small white donation boxes on the upper promenade, by the Salthouse steps and at the top of the zigzag ramp by the paddling pools.  "Give a pound each time you're down"  says the sign, but any loose change will be welcome to help maintain and improve the lake.

We  are working hard to ensure this is a first class leisure facility for people to enjoy, and we ask everyone who enjoys the lake to help us keep it that way.

Dogs: The lake is for people of all ages who enjoy being in or on the water so for health reasons we would ask dogs to keep their owners away from the lower promenade and the children's paddling area.

It's free: Individual members of the public are welcome to use the lake free of charge, though we would be grateful for donations to help cover the cost of running the lake. Swimmers, paddlers, sailors, rowers and model boats are welcome. Engine-powered craft are not. Be aware that there is no lifeguard. so be sensible.

Mind your Feet: The lake is a semi-natural environment, so sharp objects like rocks and (sadly) bottles might be underfoot. Watch where you are walking, and once you enter the water, it is better to swim straight away, rather than wade – even better, wear footgear when paddling.

No Diving: Do not dive or jump into Clevedon Marine Lake, because it is very shallow round the edges, the water is murky and there may be obstructions on the lake bed. There are ‘No Diving’ signs positioned around the lake.

Fires and Barbecues Heat from flames will damage the concrete, so build fires only on the stony beach. If you BBQ round the lake (which lots of people like to do), please raise the fire off the concrete and clean up when you have finished.

Clubs and coaches wishing to use the lake should first This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There will be a (reasonable) charge.

Lake Opening Hours

Clevedon Marine Lake is open for shared public use 24/7, except during the following booked events:

none booked

Lake Water Quality: Good - the lake has been emptied and refilled

on Saturday 8 September we emptied out the polluted water and refilled with clean water from the spring tide.

On 17 Sep and 28 Sep we tested the water, and on both occasions the water quality was "Excellent"

See below for the latest test.

 The Environment Agency takes weekly water samples each summer (15 May - 30 Sep) from the beach beside the lake. This is the water which fills the lake at overtopping tides.   See below for water quality warnings which apply to the sea off Clevedon. These are usually due to heavy rain.

In each sample the EA test for bacteria that indicate whether there is faecal matter in the water. The bacteria tested for are:          

Escherichia coli or E.Coli (EC)

Intestinal enterococci (IE)


Queens Award for Voluntary Service

The Marlens organisation is proud and delighted to have been awarded this honour, the equivalent of the MBE.